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My order has not arrived

Dovy, 02 May 2021

Excellent won’t order from nowhere else

Jessie, 01 May 2021

Absolutely brilliant and brilliant food

Jessie, 20 Mar 2021

Last night my friend and I ordered a margarita and a pepperoni pizza and a garlic pizza bread. We ordered this at quarter past 12. We order from here religiously, probably too much in fact and I’ll tell you what we will NEVER be ordering any food from here again. We waited and hour for the food to be ready as it said it would arrive at 1:35 which were used to so we order in advance. My friend went down at 1:30 and ended up standing out in the cold for a full hour with no signs of the food. She called them multiple times and the man on the phone said it’s only a few minutes away. After an hour I told her to come back up out of the cold where then I called to inquire about our very small order and I was told in the five minutes she left the spot that the pizza had been delivered and we weren’t there however they had our number and we didn’t receive a call. So I said this is ridiculous either give us our food or a refund. The man on the phone was rude and hostile. He said it would be out in 20. So we waited for 20 minutes and then went out 2.48 on the dot. I started to get angry at this point because if you not going to send the food just say. So I call Sicilianos again and I say we have been waiting for this pizza that we ordered two and half ours ago where is it and the man said it will be there in a few minutes it’s around the corner and I said yes well that is what you have been telling us for an hour and a half and it hasn’t so if it isn’t here in five minutes then I want a refund- I will admit I let the f word slip in there because I was very angry - he told me to stop being rude or he won’t send our food - that was supposedly around the corner - we waited until half three in the morning and absolutely no sign of any food. I refused to call again because the man on the phone was awful. And after everything we didn’t receive a refund which I expect to be paid back in full to my friend. When we are in Norwich we get sicilianos 2/3 times a week and we will never ever EVER be ordering from you again after the way we were treated.

Clara Drumm, 31 Jan 2021

Usually spot on, sadly this time the chips were undercooked so not as crispy as usual :)

Sophie, 15 Jan 2021

I ordered on Deliveroo on 01 January 2020 in the early morning and spent £25.49 which is a lot of money to me anyway since losing my job due to the current circumstances. We tried to cancel the order as it was 2 hours since ordering (I understand service may be slower during earlier hours) but you may remember we did call to cancel and advise we were going to bed. We tried to get the refund from Deliveroo but because you had marked the order as being delivered. I can't believe I'm now out of pocket by over £25 despite being a regular customer of your takeaway and recommending yourselves to numerous friends. I'm really upset and wondered if there was anything you could do considering Deliveroo told me to to contact you direct. Thank you

Edward Lawrence, 04 Jan 2021

Best kebab in Norwich

Jason, 01 Jan 2021

Amazing as always! This is by far the best takeaway in Norwich! Super fast delivery! Great value for money!

Jamie, 22 Nov 2020

Perfect as always!

Callum, 15 Nov 2020

You did not apply the free delivery for purchase more than £8, even when my bill was more than £10

Olufunnke, 05 Nov 2020

You did not effect the free delivery on purchase more than £8.00 and my purchase was more than £10.00

Olufunnke, 05 Nov 2020

Best food always taste great x

Sindy, 25 Oct 2020

no comment




Very good


Very quick delivery


Second day in a row I've ordered from you guys. So yummy, cheap, and fast. I'm hooked. See you again soon!


not good for breakfast but we cool tho


you dont have chicken doner!!!!!!!!!!!!!! other than that noice x


One simple word, Fantastic!


One simple sentence just try it and I'm pretty sure that you will order from them again!

Jons William,



very quick very good very nice

Freya Gibson,

Best food ever

Andrada ,

Well done!


I recommend it, try it!